Terms And Conditions

  1. Our online service comes without any warranty or guarantee.
  2. Our Fees is non-refundable.
  3. Our services work with Twillio API and if changes occur at Twillio API we are not held responsible for any unexpected results. The API work under the limitations and results per Twilio's terms. Please read their terms carefully before proceeding to use our services.
  4. The records which are processed are kept in our system for 48 hours. And we may remove the data post this period. And users are advised to download the processed sheets during that period. We won't provide any processed or unprocessed sheets post that period.
  5. Any issues with the system need to be reported within 24 hours for action.
  6. Above charges are for our tool's service only.
  7. Lookup charges will be charged as per Twilio prices and Term & Conditions.

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